New River Gorge, West Virginia 2018

John w. jacobs

Adventurer / Amateur Photographer / Active Duty U.S. Coast Guard

Originally from Summit, Mississippi I got my start in the outdoors at a young age thanks to the great foundation laid out for me by my family. From spending weekends fishing or shooting archery with my Dad, hiking in Oklahoma with my Mom, or traveling the country each summer with my Aunt and Grandmother until I was 13, my passion for the outdoors was evident early in life. 

I have long enjoyed hiking and backpacking and I have been lucky to have the ability to backpack trails all over the United States from The East Coast to Hawaii. Sadly my ability to backpack long distances with a 30lb pack came to screeching halt in 2016 due to 5 foot surgeries over 18 months. Thankfully I am back to 100% but I have yet to catch the backpacking bug again. I still enjoy day hikes at every opportunity though.

During my 17+ years in the U.S. Coast Guard I have visited numerous countries including The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, The Netherland Antilles, Jamaica, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Honduras which has afforded me the amazing opportunity to experience the unique culture of each location.

I am currently stationed in Hawaii as Supervisor of FORCECOM Armory Detachment Honolulu. While this has limited my vehicle based travel it has opened many opportunities for international travel and a chance to do some long term improvement projects to the Jeep.

If you happen to see me or the Jeep please feel free stop and say hello. See you on the trail!